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You Can Get Advanced Polarized Protective Lenses Like April Ross

Summertime means sunglasses, and not just any old pair of shades. In places where the sun is as intense as it is in East Texas with temperatures regularly eclipsing 100 degrees without many breaks from rain, polarized UV protection is key. From playing outdoor sports to simply relaxing by the pool, spending time in the hot sun (or even cool temperatures in sunny weather) can cause problems for your eyes if you don’t have proper polarized protection.

That means being picky about your choice for polarized UV protective lenses, just like beach volleyball Olympic medalist April Ross, who wears Xperio UV lenses because of their multiple benefits besides advanced UV protection:

Why do you need polarized lenses?

Harmful UV light rays can hit your eyes from any direction, but horizontally is the most dangerous way because of the glares it creates from reflecting off other surfaces, such as cars, windows, water, etc. You might not even notice this glare, it could be just annoying or it could even cause blindness, depending on its wide range of intensity. Any sunglasses will provide at least a minimal level of protection against harmful UV rays, but polarized sunglasses add the protection from this potentially dangerous reflective glare, which can make a huge difference in your vision, eye comfort and potential harm to your eyes.

What’s the difference between polarized sunglasses and regular sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses have a special protective coating that adds the extra advanced level of protection described above. But not all polarized lenses are created equal. Advanced lenses like Xperio UV lenses provide an advanced level of polarization protection that is trusted by world-class athletes like Ross.

Ross had a difficult time finding lenses that could keep up with her grueling schedule, specifically with the intense practices and competition in the open sun on hot sand:

As Ross mentions in both videos above, Xperio UV lenses provide protection from scratches and impact in addition to their advanced polarization protection. The coolest part is these innovative lenses are not just reserved for celebrities and Olympic athletes — you can buy them right here in East Texas at Ragsdale & Martin Optical. We carry several new world-class quality lenses from the Varilux family that you can come try on at our locations in Tyler, Texas and Jacksonville, Texas.