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Get a Precise Prescription With a Digital Eye Exam

Our Digital Eye Exam utilizes the latest in eye care technology to assess your visual system and eye health. Our computerized refraction is quick and easy, giving you the most accurate glasses prescription. Our HD retinal camera and corneal mapping technology captures photos of the front surface and internal health of your eyes. And our iWellness scan allows us to detect early signs of eye disease, often before it affects your vision. Our Digital Eye Exam is a new kind of visit to the eye doctor!

Our services include digital eye exams to prescribe glasses, contacts, and assess the health of your eyes. We also diagnose and treat eye disease and injuries. When you schedule an appointment, you are making an appointment to see the doctor. Your entire eye exam will be conducted by the doctor, from start to finish. The doctor will take the time to understand your vision needs, diagnose your vision and eye health problems, and help you find the best solutions for your health and your lifestyle.

We are a direct primary care practice. We offer premium, affordable eye care directly to the patient, without insurance administration. This allows us to spend more time with the patient, not paperwork. Instead of filling out forms, filing claims, and keeping up with endless rules and regulations, we spend our time with you, the patient. Digital Eye Exams are offered at our Tyler Location.

iWellness Scan

The iWellness Scan is similar to taking an MRI or sonogram of your eye. This new eye care technology captures high definition images of cross sections of your retina and internal ocular anatomy. This imaging can reveal early signs of eye disease not detectable with traditional exam methods.

Often, patients don’t notice changes in their vision in the beginning stages of many sight-threatening eye diseases. This simple, painless, noninvasive scan allows the doctor to see beneath the surface of the retina, where early signs of the disease first appear. Early detection and treatment of these and other eye diseases can reduce the risk of vision loss. Click here for more information on iWellness.

Precise Analysis of your Visual System

During your exam, the doctor will use several digital tools, including the Nidek OPD wavefront analyzer. With this amazing piece of technology, the doctor gathers data on your visual system, including refractive error, eye contour, pupil size, potential internal aberrations and visual quality. We use this information as a starting point for your exam to determine your precise glasses or contact lens prescription.

High Resolution Digital Photography

Have you ever wondered what your optometrist sees with that bright light? Now you can see what the doctor sees. Our Nidek digital camera captures high resolution photos of your retina and optic nerve. This allows us to show you the interior health of your eye, and it provides a detailed image to store in your records. It documents any abnormalities and allows us to monitor them, year to year. This is an important tool for detecting and managing systemic disease such as high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as ocular diseases, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.