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Crystal clear vision is not optional, and neither is a great look. We provide only the very best in customer service because we believe finding the right eyewear and seeing clearly should never be difficult.

We also only offer state-of-the-art, digitally precise prescriptions so you can see as well as you look. If you already have a prescription, we will be happy to find you the perfect frame and lenses, and make sure you can see perfectly.

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Seeing clearly outdoors and under bright light is just as important as indoor vision with regular glasses. We offer world-class quality sunglasses from dozens of designer brands you know and others you will be glad to discover.

No matter what type or shape of sunglasses you need, we have a least one pair in stock that will be perfect for you. If you need prescription lenses in your sunglasses, we provide the same state-of-the-art, digitally-precise service as regular glasses. If you already have a frame that you like but need new lenses for better vision, we will put new world-class quality lenses in your existing frames as well.

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Essilor Lenses

When we say the best, we mean it—from customer service to the quality of eyewear we carry. That's why hundreds of Ragsdale & Martin customers wear Essilor lenses in their glasses and sunglasses.

From Varilux and Crizal to Transitions and Xperio, we carry every state-of-the-art lens technology Essilor has to offer, and we pair them with designer eyewear and world-class quality frames that we handcraft ourselves right here in Tyler, Texas.

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Digital Lenses

When it comes to eyewear, comfort doesn't just mean your glasses feel comfortable on your face—it also means everyday convenience with your lenses. All of our lenses are digitally designed to resist water, smudges, scratches, reflections, and dust.

But we know that life happens, so every lens sold in Tyler, Texas at Ragsdale & Martin Optical comes with at least one-year, one-time scratch warranty.

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Shooting Glasses

Shooters of all kinds require eye protection, whether you shoot competitively or in the field. Shooting of any kind should be taken seriously, and it only makes sense to use high-quality eye protection. Good shooting glasses are designed to protect your eyes while highlighting your target and increasing overall contrast and visibility.

At Ragsdale & Martin Optical, have been shooting competitively for the last 20 years, and hunted all of our lives. We understand what a shooter needs in his or her eyewear.

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Sport & Polarized Eyewear

Not all Sport & Polarized glasses are created equal. At Ragsdale & Martin Optical, we can guide you in choosing the best possible eyewear to maximize your sports performance. Whether you need prescription or non-prescription sunglasses, our knowledgeable staff can help determine what is right for you.

We have over 50 years of combined experience and we carry the largest selection of Sport & Polarized glasses in Tyler, Texas. Our service is second to none and we guarantee your satisfaction.

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