Sport & Polarized Sunglasses

Sport and polarized sunglasses are a must-have for any fisherman, mountain biker, etc.

mike martin sr and mike martin jr holding fish wearing sport polarized sunglasses

Not all Sport & Polarized glasses are created equal. At Ragsdale & Martin Optical, we can guide you in choosing the best possible eyewear to maximize your sports performance. Whether you need prescription or non-prescription sunglasses, our knowledgeable staff can help determine what is right for you.

Good advice and help in frame selection is critical because the proper fit of sports eyewear is very important for safety, comfort and performance.

Whether you are fishing at the professional level or a weekend angler, high-quality polarized lenses can help significantly. We have tested polarized lenses in every type of fishing environment. These high-quality lenses are also available in prescription.

We have over 50 years of combined experience and we carry the largest selection of Sport & Polarized glasses in East Texas. Our service is second to none and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Come by our office for a demonstration of the newest technology in high-contrast lenses. We carry the best brands in fishing and sports eyewear available.