Crizal vs ordinary lenses

Most Durable Lens: Crizal Sets the Standard in Eyewear

Everyone is looking for something a little different when picking out the perfect pair of glasses. The one constant is everyone wants something reliable. That means a durable lens that will last a long time and survive our natural human clumsiness.

Enter Crizal lenses, which go by the motto “live life in the clear.” To clarify, that doesn’t mean you have to steer clear of fun activities that might be slightly dangerous for your glasses. It means you will always have crystal clear vision, no matter what excitement you get into.

While there are many lenses that claim to provide protection from one pesky problem for glasses wearers, Crizal offers proven resistance against essentially all of them, including water, scratches, dust, smudges, glare (especially at night) and E-SPF 25 UV protection.

Trying to find the perfect pair of glasses for all of those regular glasses issues is over, and you don’t have to travel to some big city or wait weeks to get these amazing lenses. They’re available right here in East Texas at Ragsdale & Martin Optical.

At Ragsdale & Martin Optical, we believe in living your life without your glasses being a hindrance, and that’s why we carry high-quality lenses like Crizal. See what we mean:

There’s a reason why Crizal lenses are some of the best in the world and worn by millions of people with that number growing every day: They use cutting-edge technology to provide crystal clear vision and superior protection against water, scratches, dust, smudges, glare and violent UV rays.

This long list of next-level protection also makes Crizal lenses ideal for children. Put simply, there is no better option for back to school eyewear than Crizal Kids lenses. See for yourself:

We’d love to help you and your child find the perfect pair of glasses that include industry-leading Crizal lenses, along with a digital eye exam for a precise prescription to help you get the best vision possible.