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New OCT Technology Can Prevent Eye Disease

A trip to the eye doctor should be something that’s quick and pleasant. And for most people, it is. But for some patients, it includes a solemn look from the optometrist and the bad news of the discovery of an eye disease. And in most of these cases, the disease has reached a stage that will require an unpleasant (and often expensive) procedure.

That’s not the case at RMO Eyecare.

Thanks to our new OCT technology, we have the capability to scan your eye one time in a non-invasive, painless way and know everything we need to know about your eye.

— David Johnson, O.D., RMO Eyecare

This includes:

  • Tomography – scanning of the inner layers of the retina and different layers of the cornea
  • Imaging of the optic nerve
  • Scanning of the macula
  • Measure the thickness of the cornea
  • Much more!

What does that mean for our patients?

The OCT imaging allows us to see the potential development of eye diseases, such as glaucoma, before they even enter the earliest stages of development. So instead of starting a treatment plan after the disease is already a problem, we can literally see the makings of the disease before it manifests and prescribe a preventative eye drop to keep you from ever developing even the earliest stages of these diseases.

How does that help our patients?

It prevents the need for inconvenient, uncomfortable, and expensive treatment and procedures for these eye diseases without any invasive imagine or contact with your eye.

Credit: Optovue

How does OCT imaging work?

This new technology creates a scientific illustration of every layer and angle of your eye, from the top to the bottom, from the front to the back, and everywhere in between. This type of imaging allows your eye doctor to see things in your eye that past imaging technology couldn’t, such as the potential development of eye diseases before they manifest at all.

OCT Imaging is a standard part of every digital eye exam done at RMO Eyecare. Schedule your appointment online today and you will see the difference.

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