Varilux X side by side

No More Craning Your Neck for Clear Vision

A new era in progressive lenses has arrived. Ragsdale & Martin Optical now offers Varilux X series lenses. Using the latest technology, crystal clear vision at all distances is now possible. When they were invented, standard progressive lenses created an alternative to bifocals and trifocals. They provided a cosmetic advantage and a smoother transition for the eyes between far and near vision, but that technology still did not alleviate the two biggest problems with progressive lenses:

1. Neck strain from trying to find the “sweet spot” for clear vision
2. The need to readjust head position to see slightly different distances

Presbyopia, the gradual, age-related decline of the eyes’ ability to focus on nearby objects, generally begins noticeable in your 40s and worsens over time until your mid-60s. Even if you’ve never heard of the term presbyopia or the people it affects – presbyopes – you’re undoubtedly familiar with the symptoms. If presbyopia doesn’t affect you, likely you’ve seen a friend or family member who has to hold reading material at arm’s length to make the letters clear enough to read.

Although most common after the age of 40, people of any age can develop presbyopia, and it currently affects one-third of Americans, which is why innovative technology like the Varilux X series lenses is so important. These revolutionary lenses create what Essilor calls the arm’s length vision zone. Now with these lenses, presbyopes can focus on items from 12 inches to three or more feet away from their face without having to crane their neck to find the right angle for clear vision

By utilizing Xtend technology, the Varilux X series takes progressive lenses to a new level with much greater precision, creating one gaze direction and consistent focus throughout this arm’s length range. This even brings a new level of innovation to the most advanced progressive lenses, which offer varying sizes of zones for different distances. Even the most advanced progressive lenses still require the right angle to see objects at different distances clearly. The Varilux X series lens changes that.

The difference is made possible by the combination of Xtend and Nanoptix technologies. The former corrects deviations found in standard progressive lenses to maximize field of depth and expand the wearer’s field of vision. Then the Nanoptix technology applies the Xtend technique to apply this correction to several adjacent micro-components simultaneously, taking into account the specific acuity levels for each one.

The result is a smooth, comfortable vision zone that no longer requires the wearer to crane their neck to find the right angle to see things clearly at slightly different distances. In other words, welcome to the future of advanced technology in lenses for presbyopes, now available at Ragsdale & Martin Optical. Call us or schedule an appointment online today to discover the difference of the Varilux X series lens.